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Our Work in Hospitals

As part of our aim to support children and young people in health care establishments we maintain close links with hospitals around the region. Currently our key projects in hospitals include The Clown Doctor Programme, the installation of V-pods and providing other tools such as sensory equipment when required.

VPod 3D Pain Distraction Units

V-Pods are used to relieve pain and distress in children who are undergoing routine but unpleasant medical procedures.

The Children’s Foundation worked with Amazing Interactives and the staff at the Great North Children’s Hospital  to develop a range of units that use extended 3-D to distract children from something unpleasant that is happening to them. Extended 3-D is particularly effective at absorbing children’s attention as images appear to leave the screen and pass past the children’s eyes and ears.

The level of distraction these units can offer benefits patients, family members and staff the following outcomes:

  • For the patient, effective distraction can help to alleviate anxiety, aid compliance and ultimately assist in providing a positive, quick and effective outcome for their procedure.
  • For the family, a reduction in anxiety in the patient has a positive ‘knock on effect’ with other family members; reciprocally, the child or young person responds positively to this reduced anxiety of family members, especially in acute care situations.
  • For staff, the reduction in anxiety provided by such distraction can result in procedures being carried out in less time and with less reliance upon pain relief. This naturally can result in shorter treatment times and ultimately result in cost savings. A positive outcome of a procedure can also result in a child or young person being more relaxed and compliant if they ever need to re-attend for treatment. Indeed, many children or young people enthuse about the ability to watch the ‘Special Television’ if they do re-attend!

The Children’s Foundation has purchased V-pods for the Great North Children’s Hospital, Sunderland Royal Infirmary and Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington . In March 2019 we funded two pairs of 3D pain distracti0n glasses to be used in South Tyneside District Hospital’s Paediatric Diabetic Clinic.

Unfortunately there are still other hospitals that don’t have this wonderful piece of equipment to offer their young patients and we are therefore continuing to raise funds.




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