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The Children's Foundation funds research to help cure sick children and prevent them from becoming ill.
We also investigate lifestyle issues which we hope will lead to better long term outcomes for children in North East England.


Over the past 10 years The Children’s Foundation’s Research Advisory Panel has awarded almost £250,000 in research grants across the North East. Projects have varied from ‘Anxiety associated with uncertainty in children with autism’ to ‘Obesity, Mental Health and Lifesyle in asolescents’.

Research topics and issues are detailed below. Please follow links to research information and papers if available.

Child Development

Childhood Obesity

Cerebral Palsy


Mental Health

Here is a brief synopsis of each of the last 4 research projects which we funded.

Obesity, Mental Health and Lifestyle in adolescents

The Gateshead Millemium Study (GMS) recruited 1029 infants born in 1999-2000 and had tracked the children and their families at regular intervals since. The aim of this study was to collect data from the children and their mother at 15-16 years using questionnaires, repeating earlier measures of psychological characteristics and lifestyle. Data were collected on 369 children.

The data will be used in analyses on five topics for publication in academis peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Emotional health and wellbeing
  2. Eating attitudes
  3. Lifestyle behaviours; drinking alcohol and smoking
  4. Pubertal development
  5. Maternal perception of child weight status

Consumption of energy drinks by children and young people in County Durham: an exploratory study


Preventative Mental Health outcomes in Horticulture

A scoping review of literature surrounding school-based horticulture initiatives was conducted to establish the extent to which research evidence of school-based horticulture exists, and supports these practices as preventative initiatives for mental health and/or interventions for improving children’s academic attainment or achievement/learning.


.B High School Mindfulness Training – Programme Evaluation  

The Study will be conducted in schools and led by an experienced post-doctoral researcher and a public health consultant who have experience of working on co –production evaluations. The proposed project will enhance this current evaluation by allowing in –depth qualitative feedback on the .B Mindfulness programme in the form of interviews with students and focus groups with the teachers.

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