Research into Cerebral Palsy


Longitudinal Speech and Language in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Dr Lindsay Pennington

Newcastle University

£19,283 awarded.


Development of an instrument to measure participation of adolescents with cerebral palsy

Dr Catherine Tuffrey

North Tyneside General Hospital

£19,134 Awarded.

The questionnaire was successfully developed and has been used in four studies to date. It has filled an important gap in the instruments available. It is for adolescents – and it captures how often young people do activities rather than just whether they do them. Data from the general population were obtained in 7 European countries so that comparisons can be made between disabled young people and their non-disabled peers.
The instrument is being used clinically in the UK and for research projects internationally.


Are improvements in speech intelligibility by children with cerebral palsy associated with changes in the loudness and clarity of their voice?

Dr Lindsay Pennington

School of Clinical Medical Sciences, Institute of Health & Sciences, Newcastle University

£9,277 Awarded