Are improvements in speech intelligibility by children with cerebral palsy associated with changes in the loudness and clarity of their voice? Publications


Changes in voice quality after speech-language therapy intervention in older children with cerebral palsy.

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Paediatric Dysarthria Masterclass. Dysarthria in cerebral palsy: assessment and intervention.

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Engagement with the public

North of England Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Survey Research day for parents and clinicians 2011, 2012, 2014

Results of this project have been summarised in newsletters to all British Telecom and EDF Energy UK staff.

Successful new research applications based on the work

Participatory design of smart phone technology to support speech therapy for very young children with cerebral palsy.

Pennington L, Olivier P, Balaam M, Basu A. (2015-2016) Sparks. £83,109

FIDELITY: Feasibility of Internet DELivery of Intensive TherapY for children with motor speech disorders and cerebral palsy.

Pennington L, Smith J, Balaam M, Brittain K, Robson S, Steen N, Vale L. (2014-2016) NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme. £263,971