Epigenetic Programming of Childhood Obesity Publications

Grants subsequently awarded that relate directly to the initial work

Nutrition and early life programming: exploring epigenetic mechanisms.

CL Relton. Apr 2008-Mar 2011 BBSRC (New Investigator Award) [£400,180]

Developing Sequenom MassArray methods for DNA methylation analysis: A study of FTO and TCF7L2 genes in the Newcastle Thousand Families Study.

CL Relton, JC Mathers, MS Pearce. Newcastle Healthcare Charity [£26,500]

Epigenetic mechanisms in the programming of obesity.

CL Relton, JC Mathers. Oct 2008-Sep 2011 MRC (DTA PhD studentship, 50% funding) [£27,360]

Epigenetic signatures in fetal development.

L Yates, CL Relton, JM Rankin, S Lindsay, SC Robson. Jan 2011-Dec2011 Newcastle Healthcare Charity [£15,700]

Exploring epigenetic mechanisms in early life programming of obesity and other metabolic disorders.

CL Relton, ND Embleton.  Sep 2010-Nov 2011NIHR [£38,000]

Epigenetic studies on the ALSPAC cohort.

CL Relton, SM Ring, DA Lawlor, NJ Timpson, B Glaser, G Davey Smith. Oct 2009-Aug 2013 MRC [£274,000]

ARIES – Accessible Resource for Integrated Epigenomic Studies.

G Davey Smith, CL Relton, SE Ozanne, T Gaunt, SM Ring, D Evans, A Wipat, T Kirkwood, W Reik.  Jan 2012-Dec 2013 BBSRC [£1,495,000]


Epigenetic epidemiology: evidence for the role of epigenetic variation in complex disease.

Relton CL, Groom A, Elliott HR, McConnell JC, Mckay JA, Pearce MS, Davey Smith G.

Ann Nutr Metab 55:165, 2009.

Epigenetics and child health: basic principles. Arch Dis Child

Groom A, Elliott HR, Embleton ND, Relton CL.

2011;96(9):863-9. PMID: 20656732

Postnatal growth and DNA methylation are associated with differential gene expression of the TACSTD2 gene and childhood fat mass.

Groom A, Potter C, Swan DC, Fatemifar G, Evans DM, Ring SM, Turcot V, Pearce MS, Embleton ND, Davey Smith G, Mathers JC, Relton CL.

Diabetes 2012; 61(2): 391-400. PMCID: PMC3266428

DNA methylation patterns in cord blood DNA and body size in childhood.

Relton CL, Groom A, St Pourcain B, Sayers AE, Swan DC, Embleton ND, Pearce MS, Ring SM, Northstone K, Tobias JH, Ness AR, Shaheen SO, Davey Smith G.

PLoS ONE 2012; 7(3): e31821 PMID: 22431966


Seminar: Institute of Child Health, University College London, May 2008
Seminar: National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, Oxford University, May 2008
Plenary: Nutrigenomics Week, Montecatini, Sep 2009