Jake’s Story

Jake’s Story


“Jake’s mum died of cancer when he was eleven. His dad did his best to manage his grief while bringing up the children and holding down a job, but the children struggled to come to terms with the sudden loss of their mother and the resulting complete change to their family life.
Jake had recently moved to secondary school and while he had initially enjoyed this experience the loss of his mother and his bewilderment and sadness meant that he became more withdrawn and detached from school life. Hid friends were getting on with their lives whilst he came home to a family that was lost in its grief and sadness.

Jake started to spend more time in his room on his computer. Hid dad, busy with work and the practicalities of bringing up four upset children, thought little of this at first. Jake found that communicating with his online friends occupied most of his time. He became more withdrawn and fell behind with his school work. The social media experience enabled him to vent his anger and before long he was exchanging angry and violent messages. 

Jake began to miss school and spent days and nights communicating with a virtual world. His dad felt helpless, initially trying to rationalise with him and then alternating between coaxing and angrily berating him. 

Jake started to look unwell, with dark circles under his eyes, loss of weight and little interest in his personal appearance. Relatives barely recognised the once happy smiling eleven year old.

One day his younger sister noticed that Jake had lots of cuts on his arm…”

Many young people engage in self-harm for many reasons, running their anger, upset and hatred of a situation on themselves.

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