Whoops! Child Safety Project

The Whoops! Child Safety Project, our flagship partnership project, has delivered unique training packages to health professionals, parents, carers and children since March 2000. The project offers groundbreaking safety initiatives and hard hitting visual resources to back up their training sessions.

Their aims are:

This year the project continued to expand its portfolio of unique safety initiatives across the North East.

Parents say…

“It was very useful to know how to safe proof my home; learn how to do prevent checking and how to do CPR.”

“Very interesting topic. When I read the newspaper, there was news about how children got hurt but never mentioned how to help the child; but I now know. Very useful!”

“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to know and learn the knowledge. Thanks!”

For more information contact Whoops! email the team: Carole, Mark, Debbie, Suzy and Kelly

Whoops! Child Safety Book

Aimed at parents, carers and guardians of children from birth to late teens, the Whoops! Child Safety Book provides useful information and safety tips ensuring children in the North East stay safe.


Whoops! BOOK Cover

We need support to keep the Whoops! Child Safety project delivering it’s vital service across the North East…