Research Advisory Panel – Previous grants

Research Advisory Panel (RAP)           Research Grants Awarded 2006 – 2013


FR = final report      IR = interim report

Date Awarded

Actual start date


Name of project leader/team

Amount Awarded

    Two research projects not handled by RAP  

    LIMBS ALIVE Professor Eyre

    DASLNE Professor McConachie


    RAP 2006/2007 round  

27/1/2006   Baby Express Dr Tony Waterston

Ms Brenda Welsh


TCF research review 2007

Presentation Injury Prevention Conference 2008

27/1/2006   Childhood Obesity Outreach Dr Caroline Relton


FR Nov 2009

TCF research review

15/9/2006   Gateshead millennium DNA Bank Dr Caroline Relton


FR October 2009


15/09/2006   CANDAA Prof Ann Le Couteur


IR Dec 2007

FR ?

RCF Research review 2007

    RAP 2008/2009 round  

28/03/2008   Neuro-developmental outcomes of twins with different birth weights Dr Ravi Swamy /

Dr Nicholas Embleton

Neonatology, Ward 35



IR May 09

FR  2010

TCF reflections 2009

Abstract and poster 2009

28/03/2008   Are improvements in speech intelligibility by children with cerebral palsy associated with changes in the loudness and clarity of their voice? Dr Lindsay Pennington

School of Clinical Medical Sciences/

Institute of Health & Sciences

Newcastle University


FR June 09

TCF reflections 2009

28/03/2008   Epigenetic programming of childhood obesity Dr Caroline Relton,

Paediatric & Lifecourse Epidemiology Research Group

Newcastle University


FR Oct 2009


28/03/2008   Development of an instrument to measure participation for adolescents with cerebral palsy Dr Catherine Tuffrey

Teaching Research Fellow

Research Office

Education Centre

North Tyneside General Hospital


FR March 2011

Publication 2013

    RAP 2012/2013 round  

October 2012 October 2013 Trial of medication for drooling Dr Jeremy Parr


Due IR in October 2014
March 2013 1/9/2013 Anxiety associated with uncertainty in children with autism Dr Jacqui Rodgers £18,138  
March 2013 ? September 2013 Longitudinal speech and language in children with cerebral palsy Dr Lindsay Pennington £19,283 over three years Due IR in ?Sept 2014