Stars Awards 2017

Our little stars sparkled and stole the show!
Tuesday 20 June was a special day for 11 youngsters from the North East, when they received an award from The Children’s Foundation.

Our annual Stars Awards, now in its 11th year, recognises the achievements of children in the North East with a disability and facing difficult challenges on a daily basis. Sponsored by intu Eldon Square and hosted by Metro Radio Breakfast Show’s Karen Oxee and Steve Furnell, the ceremony took place at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle and was attended by families, friends and supporters, all celebrating with the winners their accomplishments and bravery in the face of adversity.



The award winners were:

Child / Young Person: Harrison Cole, aged 10; Charlie Todd, aged 3; Joe Tazey, aged 5; James Thompson, aged 8; James Thompson, aged 4 (see below); Lillymae Capstick, aged 11; and Anjum-Minah Parkinson, aged 11

Friend / Sibling: Mason Tazey (see below), aged 4; Ellie Tazey, aged 11; Billy Moore, aged 12; and Emily Mills, aged 10

Parents and Carers: Dee Rowcroft; Randa Seifain; Sarah Mason; Alan and Kathryn Bragg; and Julie and David Williams

Metro Radio host Karen Oxee said:

 “Steve and I have been lucky enough to host The Children’s Foundation Stars Awards for a number of years now. It’s such a lovely event to be part of. The stories are always very humbling and it can be very sad when you hear about the challenges the families face every day. However, the event is a real celebration of these amazing stars. We’re honoured to be asked back each year to meet all of these fabulous families. Long may the Stars Awards continue!”

 Four-year-old Mason Tazey is a very loving little boy. He is extremely helpful to his sister, Paige, who has cerebral palsy. He plays with her and helps her with different activities which he loves doing.

Mason is a very brave and special little boy who is inspirational in what he does for Paige. He plays, draws and writes for her. We think he well deserves his Star!

James Thompson has Prune Belly Syndrome and extreme muscle weakness in his lower limbs, abdomen and neck. He is unable to eat and is non-verbal, only able to express his needs through the use of gestures and vocalizations.

James attends weekly therapy sessions at Heel & Toe children’s charity to improve his movement, independence and confidence; here, he tries exercises that he wouldn’t think to do at home and he puts his all into them. Before he attended his sessions, he couldn’t roll over, sit up straight or walk. Now he is able to position himself better, sit without propping and has started taking steps using a walking frame and standing using bars with is gaiters.

James has a cheeky personality. He loves to try new things and have fun adventures. He loves playing with his pet dog and keeping his mum and dad on their toes! He is a hard-working, inspirational little boy and a joy to be around.

James’ mum, Karen Tailford, said now proud she was of James being nominated:

 “It’s one thing to know ourselves how hard James is working and how much determination he puts into everything he does; another to be recognised like this. A lot of the time, he is unsure and scared, but tries his best anyway. And as parents, we know this and recognise it in our own way.

 “But for someone else outside his family to see it and nominate him means the absolute world. We were over the moon when we heard he was getting the award and we told everyone who would listen! The fact that the ceremony fell on his birthday was the cherry on top of the cake. Words cannot express the emotions that well up inside me; his daddy and I are so proud and happy for him. It was a day we will treasure for ever.”

The press attended the ceremony too, and The Chronicle released an article about the Stars Awards ceremony and the little winners’ stories, available to read here

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