Run Geordie Run thanked by The Children’s Foundation

Run Geordie Run was the guest of honour at The Children’s Foundation Supporters’ Evening – an event for the charity’s supporters to come along to be updated on all of their projects helping children who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffer from mental health issues.

Children from Dunn Street Primary School in Jarrow, who participated in a fun run in support of Mark Allison’s mammoth run across Australia, last year, will be meeting their hero and seeing how their fundraising efforts will help other children in the region.

Mark Allison ‘Run Geordie Run’, commented “I have supported The Children’s Foundation for over 5 years, events like these are where I get to meet the project coordinators and meet other fellow supporters. Seeing the work done by the Foundation and seeing the effect it has on over 29,500 children a year makes all the running worthwhile.”

“My run in Australia has been my toughest challenge yet, so seeing this, also makes all the difficulties I faced out there, seem a distant memory. I do sit on the Regional Small Grants Panel as well as being an Ambassador for the charity, so getting to know the people who ‘run the show’ is very important to me as I am passionate about what they do and how they help children across the North East.”

Peregrine Solly, Chief Executive of The Children’s Foundation, added “ This event can be described as a showcase for our Charity and we are thrilled to be able to take this opportunity to make a personal thank you to Mark for all that he has put himself through in supporting The Children’s Foundation. Our projects rely on support from fundraisers like Mark, to keep improving the health of children in our region, as last year we directly helped, involved or affected the lives of thousands of children across the North East.”