Mental Health Educational Workshops

Evidence of Need

Children and young people face a range of issues and pressures whilst they are growing up with mental health concerns proving to be an escalating issue.

Within a class of 30 children 3 will have a diagnosable mental health issue. 

We have spoken to schools, professionals, services, charities, parents and children and young people themselves to try and understand what is being experienced within the region and what is needed to overcome this.  Awareness raising, early interventions, understanding the signs and triggers and breaking the taboo is the common feedback.

Aims & Objectives of the Educational Workshops:

The overarching aim of the project is to tackle the stigmatisation of mental health.

The workshops are designed for children of primary-school age  initially Year 5’s; targeting knowledge and understanding of anxiety, depression, self-harm and help. Puppetry can be an effective and engaging way of teaching children about sensitive subjects;

The workshop will have three aims:

  1. To de-stigmatise mental health disorders in children through increased engagement, fun and theatrical representation.
  2. To make children aware of the symptoms, characteristics and triggers
  3. To increase awareness of coping mechanisms and where and how they may get help and support.