Local MP Promotes Whoops! Child Safety Book

Sharon Hodgson MP, Shadow Children and Families Minister promotes pioneering Whoops! Child Safety Book created for the North East

Aimed at parents, carers and guardians of children from birth to late teens, the Whoops! Child Safety Book provides useful information and safety tips ensuring children in the North East stay safe.


Carole Hewison, Whoops Project Director with many of the dangerous household objects taken for granted


The handbook will be distributed across the region to children’s services, in addition to being placed in the larger GP Surgeries and Health Centres as well as some schools and Children’s Centres, in a bid to prevent accidents from happening. The initial print run of 5,000 has been extended to accommodate the interest from teachers who would like to use the publication as an in-school resource.

Covering a wide range of topics surrounding child safety, the publication includes information on how to save the child’s life if they are in danger from accidents such as choking, burns/scalds and how to give vital life-saving CPR to small children and babies. There is also practical information on how to deal with cyber bullying and keeping children safe online.

Sharon Hodgson MP, Shadow Children and Families Minister and North East MP, said ‘I absolutely welcome this initiative. The responsibility to protect children from various forms of harm that they could potentially be exposed to is shared by all of us – whether statutory organisations such as schools and the police, parents, or just members of the community.’

‘Recent reports of the bullying and sexual exploitation of young people via the Internet serve as an important reminder that – as part of that responsibility to keep children safe – we also need to equip them with the capability to avoid these kinds of dangers where they encounter them as well.’ Sharon Hodgson MP explained. ‘I’m therefore particularly pleased to see that – alongside the more traditional categories of danger, you feature bullying and eSafety prominently in your book, and it gives me confidence that the booklet will be a worthwhile addition to the material available to children, young people, parents and educators in this area.’

Carole Hewison, Project Director, Whoops! Child Safety Project who provided the safety material for the initiative, says ‘Our team have worked with in excess of 250,000 parents, carers, children and professionals in an attempt to eliminate serious injuries sustained from preventable accidents and incidents. We don’t want to wrap children up in cotton wool – scrapes and bruises, bleeds and breaks, are part of growing up – however, we don’t want children to die, be disfigured or disabled from a preventable accident. The Whoops! Child Safety Book is going to be a great resource for the region’s professionals working with children as well as parents and carers, allowing them to use the knowledge shared by us, and therefore potentially prevent a fatal accident, be able to help in an emergency, or spot a child who may be having problems.’

With the early success of the publication before the first copy has been printed, it was decided that the initiative should be extended into Scotland and North Yorkshire, with many local agencies having already agreed to support the distribution of the resource in their area.