KPMG made it!

A team of 6 employees from KPMG’s Newcastle office swam the English Channel in aid of The Children’s Foundation and The Sick Children’s Trust on Tuesday, 20th August.

It took 14hr 25min for Paul Moreels, Michael Downes, Chris Wilson, Ian Kemp, Ben Thackray, and Christine Nye, to swim the 22 miles to Calais from Dover.



The team preparing for a dip in the North Sea


So far they have raised over £6,000 including Gift Aid, which is an incredible achievement. The team swam a six person relay and changed swimmers every hour but rotated in the same order. To qualify as a channel crossing they had to complete the challenge without wetsuits or any other artificial aids wearing only basic swimming costumes (meaning speedos for the men), a swimming cap so they can be easily seen and a pair of goggles.



The route taken by the KPMG Team


The Children’s Foundation would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the team, who have been training over the past few months in the freezing north sea to prepare for the swim.

There is still an opportunity to sponsor the KPMG team via their Virgin Money Giving page.