Fun Run for ‘Run Geordie Run’

Dunn Street Primary School in Jarrow pledged their support to Mark Allison, Run Geordie Run, by organising an ‘hour-long’ sponsored run, to appreciate the difficulties Mark must be facing in his 41 mile a day race across Australia.


Ready for the off...2

Pupils from Year 4,5 and 6 – Ready for the ‘Off’…..

The school’s ‘Aussie Rules’ football coach, thought it would be a good idea to learn about Mark Allison Run Geordie Run and his epic 2,600 mile run across Australia as a new topic, which led another teacher, Nicola Noble to come up with the idea or organising a ‘Fun Run’. The aim of the sponsored run was for the children to run as many laps around the school as they could manage.

Nicola said, ‘The children have done magnificently and we’ve raised £1,026.30 – I’m so proud of them all!!’ Each lap represented 1/4mile, one pupil – Mark Rayner, Year 4, said ‘Before the run I felt brilliant, during the run I thought I would only do 10 laps, but I did 21 laps! Afterward I felt really proud!’

Dunn Street Primary

Ebony Oladujoye, Year 6, commented, ‘We heard about Run Geordie Run because our Aussie Rules coach thought it would be a good idea to learn about what he is doing for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children’s Foundation. Our inspiration to do the sponsored run was Mark Allison, because he has to do a staggering 41 miles a day, so Miss Noble, our teacher, suggested a sponsored run. Results after the run were great – although pretty much everyone’s legs were hurting! We got some juice, biscuits and chocolate after we finished. After the run, I was proud of myself because I had actually beaten my personal target of 10 laps!’

Demi-Leigh Tinnion, Year 6, remarked ‘We wanted to help Mark raise money for the two charities and for children in hospital. I felt funny inside before the run: I think it was excitement! During the run, I felt like this was the best idea in the world yet after the run, I was very tired and also very surprised with how many laps I’d completed!’

Mark Allison, Run Geordie Run – has reached the halfway point of his run across Australia after 36 days. His journey across Australia proved to be a much tougher challenge than expected and there was a point, where it looked like Mark was going to be unable to continue. However, Mark has turned a corner and is forging ahead, on target to reach Sydney by Christmas Eve. Mark has already made his way through 3 pairs of trainers and the run should see him work his way through 7 pairs in total.

Follow his journey at and Run Geordie Run can be sponsored at his Virgin Money Giving Page

Water break!!!

Water break!!!