Christmas at The Children’s Foundation!

If there was an adequate phrase used to describe the 2018 festive season at The Children’s Foundation, it would be “a whole experience”.

It truly was an absolute experience, a very demanding season in every aspect possible, but much more a rewarding one.

From organising various choirs/school choirs who warmed us into the period with carol singing, the melodious sounds rendered differently by each group was a highlight for me, as I anticipated the creativity brought each time.

The wrap stand was also an opportunity to generate funds for our great cause, by helping to ease stress for people in a season associated with giving. It was quite fascinating to see the atmosphere/tone this festive season created; it truly was a period of giving. From the well planned and organised shoppers, to the last minute anxious shoppers who all wanted their gifts wrapped, it was still very beautiful to realise that the key thought behind it all was to give. It also was rewarding to realise that people who have had their gifts wrapped in previous years, anticipated the arrival of our stand this year.

This “experience” gave me a new perception of Christmas, it really is far from just receiving, I can personally say I believe the Christmas season is actually about giving, giving selflessly, and giving straight from the heart.

And what better way to give, than to know the help given is going to improve the lives of others, very similar to sowing a mustard seed if you ask me.

It truly was a different, unforgettable and impactful experience.

Oluwanisola Oyefeko (Sola)