It’s Children’s Mental Health Week! We are helping primary schools #stompoutthestigma!

From 5-11 February, it’s Children’s Mental Health Week.

Supported by the Duchess of Cambridge and Place2Be, the campaign aims to encourage children and young people to celebrate #beingourselves.

“We’ll all face difficult times in our lives, but helping children to have a positive view of themselves can help them find the inner strength and resilience to cope with those challenges.” The Duchess of Cambridge

The Children’s Foundation to stomp out the stigma surrounding mental health by delivering educational, puppetry workshops in primary schools across the North East, allowing children to learn that it’s ok to not be ok!

The stigmatization of mental health difficulties is one of the key reasons why many people who experience such difficulties do not seek professional help. The key to addressing stigma associated with mental health is education.

The mental health workshops have three key aims:

  1. To de-stigmatise prevalent mental health disorders in children through increased engagement, fun and theatrical representation.
  2. To make children aware of the symptoms, characteristics and triggers of Anxiety, Depression and Self-Harm
  3. To increase awareness of coping mechanisms and where and how they may get help and support

What we hope to achieve in the wider community

We hope to de-stigmatise mental health difficulties amongst primary school-aged children across the North East, most specifically in areas where prevalence of disorder is high. The workshop will act as an early-intervention for difficulties, informing children about help and support before problems have the potential to persist and increase in severity during adolescence, developing into clinical disorders.

If you are a member of the Co-op you can help us raise money to support the project via the Co-op Local Community Fund. Follow this link for more info: