Channel Swimmers on ITV

Tonight at 6pm on ITV, the team of six KPMG accountants from Newcastle who have raised £6,800 in sponsorship for two charities that help ill children by swimming in a relay across the English Channel in 14 hours and 24 minutes, will be telling their story.

After setting off from Dover at 7am, Paul Moreels, Michael Downes, Chris Wilson, Ben Thackray, Christine Nye and Ian Kemp took several turns to swim in hour-long stints, wearing only basic swim wear, reaching Cap Gris Nez on the French coast shortly before 9.30pm.

Moreels, who spear headed the Channel challenge, says:

“It was an exhausting effort by the whole team who gave their all to get us there as quickly as we did. When you factor in that we had to swim significantly further than the 22 miles due to the strong tides, narrowly avoiding ferries, cargo ships and scary looking jellyfish and then finishing on sharp rocks in the pitch black dark this was quite achievement for us all.

“We were over the moon when we touched French land, realising our ambition, and earning our sponsorship. While we expect to ache for some days to come, knowing we have supported the work of The Sick Children’s Trust and The Children’s Foundation, makes it very much worthwhile.

“A huge thank you goes to the colleagues, clients and contacts across the North East who sponsored us. Our target was to raise £3,000 in total but their generosity means we will instead be donating more than £3,000 to each charity.”