Cerebral Palsy Research Fund

Allison Baker, founded the Cerebral Palsy Research Fund in partnership with The Children’s Foundation in 2005 and sine then Alison has worked tirelessly with friends and family members to raise almost £10,000. This year £2,500 has been raised from a variety of activities including a ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ event. Alison’s son, Colin Scott was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after he had a seizure just three hours after he and his twin Cavan were born. Alison and her family want to help other children like Colin who have suffered brain damage.

The money raised will support vital stem cell research and possible treatments for brain damaged children. Dr Gavin Clowry and his team are looking into the possibilites of isolating stem cells from premature baby umbilical cord blood and testing their ability to become brain cells as premature babies carry a high risk of being brain damaged. If it is feasible to test babies to discover potential brain damage, then it may also be possible to repair the damage with the baby’s own cells.

To make a donation to support this fund contact the team on 0191 282 0000.

You could also send a cheque to The Children’s Foundation marked on the reverse with Cerebral Palsy Research Fund.