My Work Experience at TCF


My name is Gladys and I am a sixth form student from Gateshead College who completed two weeks work experience with The Children’s Foundation.


Over the two weeks I was given a variety of tasks and projects to complete, in which some were fun and some, well you know… Anyways let’s get started!

I’ll start with the main project and we decided to call it the ‘boring hour’ (you’ll soon find out why). So for this project I had to look into similar charities and make a spreadsheet based on their location, what they do and find out about their trusts and foundations. This was a vital task as it is something The Children’s Foundation can benefit from in the future. This task took a lot of time and research to do but I managed to finish it in the given time. During my time here I also helped out with Ebay, creating posters for some upcoming events, and doing little errands such as making a fun pack for the pony show and counting the money ready for us to take to the bank. The money raised was through a summer ball that was presented by Darren Beal, I must say the total amount was absolutely phenomenal. During my time here I was also given a deeper understanding into the charity and how it came about. I also learned more about the roles of each individual staff member and how they all work together to make the charity successful. I saw all the behind the scenes such as the effort and dedication that they put into their work in order to meet their desired aims and objectives.


Okay, so I guess you’re wondering how did I find it? Overall I have to say that I had a great experience working here and I now have a better insight into the adult working life. I must say that the 9-5 life was not exactly what I expected. I was working in a small office and most of the work was desk-work that was done on a computer, It was something different to my usual setting and it did take me some time to get used to… shhh don’t tell anyone but I actually fell asleep on the second day. However, I did eventually get used to it and I am happy for the time that I spent there. It was a great environment to be in and the staff just made my time even better. They were very welcoming and they made me feel a part of the team. I learnt a few new skills such as how to manage time and multitask.

We are now coming to the end of my blog but I would like to say a big thank you to The Children’s Foundation for making my time here memorable. I hope to come back and volunteer for you guys in the future!