Mark Cole’s Round The World Challenge

Local man Mark Cole signed up for the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and has recently returned back to the UK. Not only did he successfully complete the 35,000 mile challenege, but his team, Team Finland came second overall! Well done Mark!

Around 50,000 people lined the banks of Humber and Quayside in Hull to welcome back all the teams, where they received a spectacular reception. The return to Hull Marina marked the end of a challenge of a lifetime for all people involved. For Mark, this challenge was to see how far he could push himself against the elements.

Mark chose to raise money for The Children’s Foundation and raised  an amazing £2,457.We would like to say a big thank you to Mark for supporting The Children’s Foundation.

Mark spent 10 years in the merchant navy going away to sea as a second navigating officer with BP. He became bored of the usual humdrum nature of the day to day job and wanted to recapture his enthusiasm for a life at sea. When he first went to sea, he imagined life on the ocean waves to be exciting, but he found it to be quite different to his dream. He enquired about taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht race and saw it as the perfect opportunity to use his experience at navigating and meteorology but this time with a yacht, facing a far greater challenge, relying on the elements rather than the engineers.

Mark has found the race a rewarding experince. Some of his team mates had little or no knowledge of the sea, who included a florist, a surgeon and a bookkeeper!

There was 10 Round the World sailors on each boat, and Mark was one of them. Other crew members joined at different stages of the race. They were allowed to have up to 18 – 20 crew members on board at any one time; Marks team totaled 46 with 11 different nationalities on the team.

The yachts had a full gallery arrangement including a stove, oven and facilities to make bread. There was no refrigeration so they lived off tinned and dried food. They also had a water maker on board but unfortunately there wasn’t any showering! The work load was immense and the team mates needed to ‘hotbunk’ meaning one person worked while the other slept.

Marks biggest fears were the hours of work – 4 hours on, 4 hours off – and of course the unpredictability of the weather. Mark successfully rose to the challange to admirably take second place with his team.

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