Sola’s Leaving Blog

It has been 365 days since I have officially started working at The Children’s Foundation. A whole journey of memories and a great learning experience that was all worth it at the end! From Take 25, to the Christmas marathon (Carol singing, Gift-wrapping, Santa’s letters etc.), to Corporate bowling and to GNR. Not excluding the various other smaller events and tasks over the past year. I have been equipped with the right mind-set to take on responsibilities, be accountable and produce the best quality of work always. My attention to details and accuracy has drastically increased; I have learnt the essence and importance of adequate planning and follow up.  I have learnt to communicate (Mind you, this took a LOT! Haha! ). Most especially, I have learnt to take life a day at a time, it’s not always about crossing the finish line, how you cross it REALLY matters. Fulfillment and joy in life is really a journey and not a destination.

I have learnt life-long skills that have been imprinted. I have been warmly introduced into the work culture by The Children’s Foundation and I am forever grateful for this learning opportunity.

To the amazing team who guided me along this journey, this year. Thank you for letting me express myself through creativity and trusting me with tasks, I appreciate you! I have learnt the importance of team work and togetherness in every project given. Thank you for the constant help and support. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude!

Knowing that every single task I did daily, directly or indirectly impacts the life of a child is so fulfilling! I have truly learnt to look beyond myself, and care for the wider community.

I gave my opening blog, my Christmas blog and now this is my leaving blog! The joy of being able to do it all is unmatched. As I enter my final year, I know everything I have learnt at TCF will help me greatly to achieve my desired results (A First Class!)


Here is to a fulfilling future with bigger and brighter things for The Children’s Foundation! #TeamTCF


Oluwanisola Oyefeko (Sola)