Chronicle Wish Tokens

The Chronicle has launched Wish to make to make wishes come true for not-for-profit organisations in Tyneside. They have up to £30,000 to give away. The Chronicle is printing tokens everyday up until Saturday 9th January, 2016.

All you have to do it cut the tokens out and send them to our address below it’s as simple as that;

The Children`s Foundation,


Queen Victoria Road,

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE99 2YB


We are the leading children`s charity in the North East of England the money raised will help us continue with the vision of giving children and young people in the North East the best health and wellbeing services in the UK. Last year the charity directly helped, involved or affected the lives of almost 30,000 children across the North East.

This year The Children’s Foundation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Over the years we have raised over £20 million to help children and young people in the North East.

Help us and it can come true to the most vulnerable children in our region.