Children’s Mental Health Week

Children and young people face a range of issues and pressures whilst they are growing up and unfortunately mental health concerns are proving to be a more common issue. Over half of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) start by the age of 14 and 75% by age 18. These statistics are worryingly high yet children and young people often do not get the help and support required as quickly as they should, which inevitably can often escalate their conditions unnecessarily.

Unfortunately within the North East and Cumbria we are experiencing worrying trends. A recent Health Survey shows that the majority of areas within the region show significant increases to the national average in relation the hospital admissions for self-harm in young people. Redcar and Cleveland and Middlesbrough show concerning increases against the national average of +78% and +75% respectively. Add to this the statistic that in an average class of 30 children 3 will suffer from a diagnosable mental health problem and we know our children and young people are facing an escalating problem.

Nicola Crawford, Director of Operations for The Children’s Foundation said “We have recently launched the ‘Because Minding Matters’ campaign in which we aim to work collaboratively to address the crisis that our children and young people are facing. We are working across the region to gain a greater understanding of what are the most prevalent issues, what are the triggers and causes, what early interventions are needed and how we can work together with existing services, experts and the voluntary sector to effect change. Importantly we also need to raise awareness and build resilience by working to destroy the negative stigma associated with mental health issues.”

Through the ‘Because Minding Matters’ fundraising appeal the foundation intend to raise £2million to radically improve mental health outcomes for children and young people by enabling more interventions, more options and a regional presence of support for our children and young people, their parents / carers and others working with or supporting children.

If you would like to support our appeal you can donate by clicking here 

Alternatively please contact Libby Nolan, Fundraising Manager to discuss other ways to get involved