THE re-PLACEMENT is here!


My name is Oluwanisola Oyefeko (Lol, do not panic!), you can call me Sola (pronounced as Sh-o-la).

I am studying Business Management in Northumbria University and for my 3rd year, I am undergoing a placement year right here at The Children’s Foundation as a fundraising and events assistant.  I decided to take a placement year, to mainly have an insight to an industry setting as a whole and as well as having adequate work experience and I personally believe this role is extremely compatible with my personality and I am grateful to have been offered it.

It is my second day here and I have been having induction sessions. Overall, it has been an intriguing experience as I have had a first-hand experience of what a “9-5” job is and it has honestly removed/pushed me away from my comfort zone. However, I can testify to the fact that each day it gets better, the fact I am writing this post is definitely proof that today is better than yesterday.

A big shout out to the TCF team for welcoming me into their circle, I felt comfortable and was at liberty to make a lot of enquiries due to the way I was received by the team.

I love the creativity and the orderly spontaneity that comes with my role! It’s an exciting yet challenging role, a combination of things I love doing and I am certain it will most definitely require my detailed attention. Nevertheless, the knowledge of the end result or the greater impact of all the hard work put in is very motivating and fulfilling.

You’ll probably hear from me pretty soon or at the end of my tenure here at TCF.

It will be my pleasure to serve The Children’s Foundation for this full year ahead.

Oluwanisola Oyefeko

Fundraising and Events Assistant