Random Acts of Kindness Day

Finally the day has arrived, it’s National “Random Acts of Kindness Day”!  It is the perfect opportunity to spread some kindness to people who are around you, and make this world a little bit better. A smile, a compliment, or organise an unexpected dinner with your partner can make a big difference.

As a charity, we believe that the smallest act can make the biggest imact, and we have been lucky enough to find a group of enthisiastic and passionate volunteers who are willing to work with us and take care of the promotional and advertising side of some of our projects. We believe their contribution will make a big impact to our charity, and we are pleased they have chosen us to improve and acquire new skills that can help them in the future while they are studying at University. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to: Chuxia, Rob, Ryan and Louis:


  Chuxia Pan

I noticed the TCF just before Christmas when they had a gift wrap event in Eldon Square. I went there and got my gift wrapped, during the conversation I found most of them were volunteer wrappers. Why they are so enthusiastic? The question came to me at that moment.  After that, I did a lot of research about TCF, the Clown Doctors, Adamson Scholarship, etc. All these items are new for me and I learned quite a lot from them. Moreover, the meeting with TCF team and other like-minded volunteers makes me think about what do I have and how can I pay contribution to those children who I have never seen before. To me, being a volunteer is not only about helping the children, but also about changing my life at the same time. I’m a postgraduate student in Newcastle University now, before I came to Newcastle I have been a teacher in China for about 6 years, I don’t know how to treat these children, but I do know what’s good for children’s future. My major is media and public relations; what I can do is to help more people know about the foundation and the fantastic things they are doing. I like the feeling that I am making some small, but significant difference, and being a positive force in these children’s lives. So why not join us, let’s take care of the world from showing kindnesses to those children who are in need!



While attending a work experience fair I found out the children’s foundation were looking for volunteers to support them with their social media, marketing and PR. After talking to my friends we decided we would all volunteer and between the 3 of us cover all the above areas, though I was intending to mainly focus on the marketing aspect. While volunteering for the children’s foundation I’d love to help raise awareness of the charity and its work, while also getting some valuable work experience. Within my business and management degree I have chosen to specialise in marketing, and therefore I will be able to offer the skills which I have gained at university.



I heard about volunteering with the children’s foundation through a friend and thought it would be a great way to improve my CV while also helping out local charity. There are a number of ways I hope to help, including maintaining their social and other online media and updating their website. My degree of study is in the field of computing and therefore I hope to put my skills to use improving the charity’s online image.



I have been involved with volunteering in local events and charity work before, and my friend found a volunteering opportunity at The Children’s Foundation. The roles they were offering fitted very well with my current degree program of Media and Communications, as well as the current skills I have learnt and am continuing to learn in terms of social media management, graphic design and general public relations. While volunteering for The Children’s Foundation, I hope to help the charity grow even bigger and raise more awareness for its work, as well as acquiring and learning new skills.