Meet our high school work experience student Caitlin

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I’m the daughter of project co-ordinator Samantha at The Children’s Foundation. My secondary school gives each pupil a week off to complete work experience. As I had already volunteered for The Children’s Foundation I decided that I wanted to learn more about the charity by spending a week working there.

Day 1

My first day was of course bag packing at Morrisons. As tiring as it is, it is always lovely to talk to people of different backgrounds. I was surprised at the amount of people who didn’t want their bags packed but would still donate, and it was a really nice to see.

Day 2

Day two was money counting. I spent a good few hours ordering coins into piles and counting them. I want to do finance or economics at university so I got excited about being able to do some maths. I sorted, counted and logged in the money and that was a new and fun experience. The next task was to take the money down to the bank and I was able to see all of the procedures that go on behind the scenes in the finance part of The Children’s Foundation which was really really interesting. I also got to sport a really cool Russia World Cup 2018 England Shirt for our competition.

Day 3

Day three I spent a lot of time on ebay. I spent time pricing, photographing, editing pages of listed items to raise money for charity. Again, it was good to see the way that The Children’s Foundation raised funds and accelerated my interested in finance and I wondered on the best way to allocate the funds – which of course links to my economic interests.

Day 4

Day four was the toddler toddle. I dressed up as a superhero and held little children’s hands while we walked around streets and sang the nursery theme tune. I then dressed up as a scarecrow for them and had my carrot nose squeezed many many times. Finally, I was given the task of designing the invitation for the Great North Run Pasta Party.

Day 5

Day five is today, I have been updating the website on the recent projects. Today I feel I have learnt skills about technology such as administration and using wordpress which I’m really proud of. I do feel these will be transferrable when I head back to school.

In conclusion, The Children’s Foundation is an epic place to do work experience. I have completed such a wide range of activites that I can apply this experience to any job I want to in the future, which of course is the very point in undertaking work experience. Tasks in finance, child care, administration, customer service, graphic designer and blogger have all come together to make one, almighty work experience week!