After researching and reading an abundance of placement applications from various different companies, I came across the fundraising and events placement offered by The Children’s Foundation. It immediately stood out to me, firstly, due to the incredible difference The Children’s Foundation makes to thousands of children and their families every year. So to be able to have an opportunity to be a part of this and be able to contribute my ideas and time really excited me. Along with this, the placement itself intrigued me; throughout my previous jobs I have been involved in the setting up and running of events such as weddings, golf days and various types of parties. This is something I really enjoyed, so the chance to also be involved in the initial discussions and the planning of events lead me to applying to the placement. After applying to and being rejected from multiple other placements I didn’t expect to even receive an interview never mind be offered a placement, as you can imagine I was over the moon.

Leading up to the start date of my placement, I was somewhat nervous but extremely excited to be staring a new chapter, meeting new people and having new challenges. Even though I am now only a week into my placement, I have met a lot of new people, people that all share a common excitement and drive towards the charity and their work. I have learnt a lot about the multiple projects and events currently being run and future projects yet to be unveiled, which I am eager to be able to get involved with.

I am excited for what the next year has in store for myself as well as for the charity, along with how much I will be able to take away from this experience.