Meet our new placement student, Lara Puertas

Originally from Spain, and fascinated by Great Britain’s culture and language, I have always focused on improving my English skills, as my main goal was being able to move to the United Kingdom at some point of my life, and build up my career there.

My journey started when I took part of an exchange programme in my school and went to England for the first time, more specifically to Hexham. This helped me make the decision to study Business Administration and Management in English at University in Madrid, where I successfully completed two years in spite of the doubts that some friends and family had when I first started. I still think it was the best decision I have ever made, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am now. This allowed me to get the opportunity to continue my studies at University of Sunderland and go straight into second year of Business and Marketing Management course. So I took the opportunity and started a new chapter in my life with two boxes of Spanish food, four suitcases full of clothes and two rucksacks. After a year of making amazing new friends, working hard at University, getting used to a completely new culture, a few visits from my family and a couple visits back home, I have to confess it’s not easy, but my family’s support, especially my mum and sister’s, who are in Spain, is what keeps me motivated.

Being 2 flights and 6 hours trip away from home can sometimes be tough, but trust when I say it is very rewarding when you see yourself where you always wanted to be at.

Now when I look back all I see is the obstacles I overcame, the achievements I accomplished and the people who have always supported me and still believe in me. However, this journey hasn’t finished yet, and joining The Children’s Foundation team will be an amazing and exciting adventure where I will be able to learn massively from them by assisting in the organisation of events and raising awareness towards the improvement of the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the North East.