Gardening Week

As its Gardening Week find out what our young Scholarship Students have been up to over the last few months at Southlands School…..

…Now that the weather is a bit warmer it a busy time in the garden, its time to start planting some young vegetables outside in the raised beds.  The students put in some shallots and planted potatoes in potato sacks, they planted a few different varieties so that potatoes will be ready at different times of the year.

The students also planted some raspberry canes into a new raised bed, they were watered in straight away.  The raspberries are Autumn fruiting so the fruit will be ready to pick later in the year.

Our spring planters are looking lovely, the students planted them up in the winter and they are all now starting to bloom.

The orchard is starting to look really nice, the blossom is starting to come out on our fruit trees.  We planted these trees about four year ago when we started our garden at Southlands.

Our  asparagus is starting to come through the soil, this will be the first year that we can really harvest asparagus.  We planted the asparagus plants three years ago, it takes a long time before you can actually pick enough to eat.

We recently gave the pond a good clean, it was drained and emptied out, and then clean water was used to fill it back up again.  We have put in some lovely new plants and somewhere there is some frogspawn, so we will look out for some frogs later on the year.