Introducing: The Children’s Foundation blog!

Hi there, and welcome to our new blog! Since we launched in 1990 our mission has always been to help the children of the North-East region who need it the most, with ever-changing ideas on how best to raise money for our worthwhile and life-changing campaigns.

We’ve certainly learnt a lot over the last 26 years, and seen some huge changes in that time. With the ever-increasing influence social media has upon society as a whole, it is a tool that has to be utilised within any strong business model. We are delighted to announce the launch of The Children’s Foundation news blog, a place where the team will share information about upcoming events and how you can help and donate. There’ll also be a few nice uplifting stories about our work and campaigns thrown into the mix too!

Niall C

My name is Niall and I have volunteered at The Children’s Foundation for the past few months. A recent graduate from Northumbria looking to gain experience and confidence, I took it upon myself to find the right experience, but also get the feeling I was contributing to a worthwhile cause. I certainly get that feeling by working here, and it has definitely opened my eyes to the tireless work Charity Organisations do to make a difference. Somewhat naively, I always really had the perception of charity work as bucket collecting and the odd fun run, when really it is so much more than that.


Speaking of fun runs (if there’s any such thing), I have decided to partake in the 2016 Great North Run for The Children’s Foundation (There are still a few spaces left if you would like to join me, it’d be worth it for comedy value of trying to see me run alone). I’ll probably do some training, maybe not enough to beat Mo Farah, but enough to ensure I don’t see anybody dressed as Mr Blobby or The Honey Monster jogging past me with ease, surely? In all seriousness, I have seen first-hand the excellent  work The Children’s Foundation does in the region, and I wanted to make a difference myself, however small.

We really hope you enjoy this blog. There will be more information regarding our Great North Run places in future posts, and other ways you can get involved with The Children’s Foundation. One of our main goals is to improve and raise awareness for children’s mental health in the region, and with Mental Health Awareness week coming up very soon (16th – 22nd May) expect to see articles and blogs regarding this area of our work very soon. Thanks for reading and have a great day!



The Children’ Foundation Volunteer