Musings of a Mum Living with an Autistic Child

As a single mum of a child on the autism spectrum, I understand the daily challenges that autism can bring. Some days I feel like a fraud when complaining about trivial things, like my lack of a good night’s sleep, when many families have it a lot worse.

Every night I lie awake thinking about all the things I have yet to do, the frustration at the whole situation and the worry of how things will develop? How will I equip my beautiful, funny girl with all she needs to live in the world  when she feels like she won’t achieve anything after struggling through school? Will this invisible illness ruin her chance at happiness?…thoughts that are always there even if sometimes they are quiet and in the background.

And all the while still dealing with daily life. A full time Job, a Teenager going through ‘A’ Levels and the incredible stress she is under, feeling like I don’t have time to give her enough support. The cooking, cleaning and the ever growing pile of laundry with bills to pay to boot.

Sometimes it feels like all my efforts are going to put out fires, stopping the meltdowns and arguments before they get too nasty, it leaves little room to enjoy my children. My child’s ASD will never go away however we have routines and coping strategies in place that do allow us to focus on the good times as well.

Having a child on the ASD Spectrum has its own unique challenges for every family but also brings a uniqueness to the our family and I personally wouldn’t change a thing! My child is fun, witty, and brings a smile to everyone she meets.