Great North Run Fundraising: Doing the children of the North-East proud!

Great North Run Fundraising: Doing the children of the North-East proud!

Charity runs, or in our regions case the Great North Run, can be the most emotional and rewarding form of fundraising in the charity calendar. It may take a great deal of mental strength and determination to get there, but crossing that line and knowing you have done it all to change a child’s life, no matter how big or small, can be one of the most comforting feelings of your life. You have achieved and made a difference.

Many positive aspects can be attained by partaking in the Great North Run, not just for the beneficiaries, but also for the competitors.

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  1. The More – The Merrier

As I stated before, competing and training may be a gruelling and overwhelming task, but power in numbers can certainly help! The Children’s Foundation had over 100 runners in 2015, with a similar figure anticipated for this year too. Join in groups, train together and spur each other on to change lives for the better.

  1. Age is but a number

Let’s face it, I already have, none of us competing are exactly gunning to win the whole race, we can leave that to Mo and the rest at the front. Run, walk, skip, crawl, anyone can come forward to apply, it really is the taking part that counts. Everyone will support each other. If you have a competitive edge then that is fine, but walking over the line at 4 hours + is appreciated in exactly the same way.

  1. Share your story

Keeping us here updated with how things are going in your fundraising journey can give us plenty of content to keep readers interested. Our tweeting fingers will be ready to share stories of how your training is coming along, or why you are partaking in the Great North Run. This can both help us reach a wider audience, and perhaps encourage people to donate to your cause on an emotional level. It all helps.

The Great North Run takes place on the 11th September 2016. Guaranteed entry is £55, with a minimum sponsorship of £250. Money raised will help change the lives of some of the North Easts most vulnerable children in various different ways. We are currently tackling issues in the region on three fronts: disability, autism and mental health. To confirm your place or for more information contact [email protected]



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