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Abseils, marathons, bake sales, raffles and more...
There are many ways to get involved in the work of The Children's Foundation.

Other ways you can make a difference…

There are so many different ways to support The Children’s Foundation, here are just a few ways you, your family, friends, colleagues, community group, school, church etc can help…..

We have so many events and activities through the year – See our Calendar of Events to get involved with The Children’s Foundation. If you would like to get involved please contact Laura McVeigh.

Any event you organise can be added to our Calendar of Events we can offer support – advice, literature, buckets, banners, collection tins, t-shirts and even a charity representative to come along.

Our Fundraising Pack will give you lots of ideas and helpful tip to raise money – call 0191 282 0000 to get your pack now or email

Please note: if you are planning extreme challenges in support of The Children’s Foundation we ask that you get in touch with us prior in order to discuss risks.

We help the children that other charities don’t always reach - disadvantaged, disabled and distressed. Donating £5 can help some of the most vulnerable children in our region…

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